Selling Home Tips

Selling Home Tips – What to Do Inside Your Property

These selling home tips for preparing the inside of your property can help buyers to form an emotional  connection with your home.  As a seller this should be your ultimate goal.


De Clutter, De Clutter, De Clutter   

If you only do one thing on this selling home tips list, make sure it is this. Once a buyer is found you will need to pack and move anyway so you might as well get a head start. A good rule of thumb is to pack away anything that you have not used in the past six months. Start with books and photos.


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I understand that most of us have a sentimental attachment to our photos but when selling we need to remove the emotion and minimise the number of personal possessions on show. Buyers need to imagine themselves owning your property. It is a huge investment that they are making but it’s also a lifestyle choice.

Be careful with your colour choices, stick to neutrals and introduce colour with accessories. Re think any bold coloured feature walls. You want to appeal to the widest audience possible and while neutral may seem boring it is best to play it safe when selling.


Remove Items That Will ‘Date’ the Property

Just because a home is older it doesn’t need to look past its ‘used by date’. Curtains are no longer ‘in’ and in the majority of cases it is wise to remove them from the living areas. Though there are exceptions to every rule. If you decide to replace the window coverings choose one of the new styles of blinds over verticals.  Older style mats and rugs should also be removed. Doilies, mismatched photo frames, and old fashioned or dated art work should be packed away to be opened when you arrive at your new home.


Windows and Mirrors

Clean windows and mirrors so that they sparkle. If flyscreens are ripped or torn replace them. Window tracks should be clean and free of ‘gunk’ and dust.


The Kitchen

Remove photos, bills and children’s artwork from the fridge. Make sure that bench and counter tops are clutter free. Minimise what is stored in the cupboards. Buyers will often open kitchen and linen cupboards to size up space. If everything is crammed in this will make it seem as though your home lacks storage space. Pack everything else away into boxes for the move or donate to charity.

At inspection time ensure that light switches are wiped clean and free of fingerprints. Make sure that beds are made, dishes are washed and put away, and that the dusting and vacumming has been done.





Posted by Karen Wardle